Where to Eat Mediterranean Food in Toronto without Breaking the Bank!

Where to Eat Mediterranean Food in Toronto without Breaking the Bank!

I love, love, love, Paramount Fine Foods!

They provide healthy alternatives for fast takeout food at an affordable price.

Take a look at the menu ­čÖé

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet incorporates the basics of healthy eating and the recipes are easy to prepare.

Benefits of the Mediterranean diet

  • ┬áReduces the risk of heart disease
  • ┬áReduced risk of cancer
  • ┬áReduced incidents of Parkinson’s disease
  • ┬áLowers risk of becoming obese, it is the basis for a balanced reduction in weight
  • Reduces chance of developing diabetes
Revitalize Your Lips in 5 min

Revitalize Your Lips in 5 min

It is technically spring, but with the cold winds your lips may still be feeing a little dry and coarse due to that stubborn cold wind!

Thankfully, you can have smooth supple lips in five minutes!

What you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Soft Cloth
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar

mix the olive oil and sugar together in a small bowl. Next, rub the mixture onto your lips with a soft cloth for 40 seconds. Rinse the mixture off with warm water. Then, put a tiny drop on your lips for moisture. Now, you are ready to apply any lipstick you like and your lips will be smooth, and full of moisture!



Natural Sunscreen: Lather Up!

Natural Sunscreen: Lather Up!

According to BoldSky you are able to use olive oil as a natural form of sunscreen. There are a number of different oils that provide protection from the suns harmful rays. Of course, Olive oil is one of the oils that is mentioned! It has an SPF of 8 and multiple antioxidants that repair cellular aging. So next time you step out in the sun, make sure to bring your bottle of olive oil with you!


Squeaky Hinge? No Problem!

Squeaky Hinge? No Problem!

A few weeks ago, I noticed the sliding door on my shower started squeaking. I didn’t have any WD40 on hand, so I though to myself, “what can I use to fix this?!” So, like most people I turned to Google. I was happy to see that olive oil can be used to solve this problem.

So I took a soft cloth and dosed it in olive oil and slathered the hinge and then slid the door back and forth. It took a couple minutes of sliding the door open and and close before it eliminated the annoying squeak!

Now my door is squeak free, no chemicals needed ­čÖé

Spring Cleaning With Your Trusty Olive Oil!

Spring Cleaning With Your Trusty Olive Oil!

Spring is in the air! It’s time to declutter and organize your home. As you find yourself going through your closest and cupboards you may realize you have more dust floating around your home. How do you get rid of all of the dust? With olive oil of course!

Here is how to do it:

Apply a tiny bit of olive oil to your cleaning cloth and you will be able to displace layers of dust–and it eliminates the need for chemical-based cleaners ­čÖé